Hiring a Professional Photographer? Consider These 3 Things First


Choosing the best photographer for your startup is a lot like choosing the best hair stylist or barber. You can find inexpensive ones, quite expensive ones, poor ones — and wonderful ones. Sadly I must say, there aren’t any legal regulations, restrictions, and licenses that photographers have to carry. Which means there isn’t a guarantee on the quality of work that a photographer will produce. In an industry where any Joe Schmo can pick up a camera and call themselves a photographer, that leaves you, the potential client at risk for collapse.

  1. Photography organizations can help.

Thankfully, photographers pointed out that customers believed this way many years in the past. They produced self-imposed restrictions and founded formal organizations to watch and control the grade of images photographers were creating.

Some photography enthusiasts will undoubtedly shoot film, while other will only shoot digital. Which photographer you select should exclusively depend on your creative vision and the project that you’re seeking to photograph.

  1. Copyright 101 — who owns the images?

Probably the most complicated facets of hiring photographers in Dubai could be determining who owns the copyright to the images. In reality, if you don’t possess a written and signed work-for-hire agreement, the photographer will retain the ownership of the images they photography. Why? The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act of 1988 clearly claims that the ownership of an image is maintained by the individual who produced it. For that reason, you don’t own the images. You’re in fact licensing the photographs.

Keep in mind that a photographer’s job isn’t just pushing the shutter button. They’re using a mixture of illumination, posing and post-processing to make your vision a real possibility. They learn these methods after many years of learning from mistakes. You’re getting a photographer for their knowledge — not their ability to push a key.

  1. Expect unexpected costs when hiring a photographer.

Hiring a photographer is similar to purchasing a video game system. You have to pay for the equipment, but in most cases, there is nothing else incorporated when you purchase it. You’re made to buy games in order to make the system work. Exactly the same can probably be said for the majority of photographers. When asking about rates, you need to ask if the following items are protected in their estimate:

Printing: Although digital photography is the current standard of photography, many photographers still make a living by selling physical prints. That means you’re investing in your time on set and also paying for physical prints — except if that’s included in the photography package. Intend to spend hundreds otherwise 1000s of dollars on physical prints, whether or not the photographer prints in-house or outsourced the images to a print lab. Because the photographer is selling a physical product, you should obviously assume there is a markup for profit.